The impartiality of the notary

The notary, by law, can not ever make the interest of one party to the detriment of others: can not insert a clause in a contract onerous for one party and beneficial to the other (eg, the exclusion clause of the guarantees to which the seller is required by law), without explaining to the parties in a clear and complete the content and legal effects.

The notary should ascertain with particular care that the meaning and the effects of these terms are understood and agreed by the parties, whether they are loans or other banking contracts and generally standardized contracts (that is prepared on the basis of patterns or forms prepared for a indefinite number of acts) or entered into by consumers (people who are not parties to the contract in the course of a business or a profession, and that is usually). The notary must refrain from exercising its functions when they are or may be in conflict of interest, direct or indirect, with the parties or one of them.